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About Us

Trace and Trust empowers you to find and enjoy restaurants that serve dishes with food that has been raised by farmers and caught by fishermen in ways that matter to you. Farmers and fishermen can use Trace and Trust to tell their story to those who are preparing and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Suppliers can use it to share the diverse stories of multiple farms and vessels. Chefs can use our "foraging network" to select products and suppliers that meet their special criteria -- and to easily access training and sales support tools that allow their staff to tell the story behind the dishes. 

Trace and Trust is a revolution that started in New England. It is tested. It is trusted. It is ready to come to your city. We allow you the diner to know the who, how and where of food being served in restaurants. We allow you the diner to select restaurants and choose meals based on what you care about. We allow you the diner to get beyond the meaningless buzzwords of local, sustainable, small-scale, fresh, etc. – and to make choices based on the facts behind your food.

We are now ready to take the revolution beyond the original colonies. We choose where we go next by the votes of the forks from cities and towns across the US. We choose what non-profit mission to add to the mix for you to choose support by the votes of the forks. We choose the food and suppliers to add to the network and the enhancements we make in your tools by the votes of the forks.

We have built the tools and platform. We have shown it can work. We have restaurants and suppliers across America watching how you vote. Be part of the revolution. Sign up for your fork now. Please contact us to learn more and to join the movement!