Cedar Island Oyster Farm
20 Walt's Way
Narragansett, RI 02882
United States
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Both John and Cindy West studied Aquaculture at the University of Rhode Island, learning about the raising and farming of fish and shellfish. Together, they operate the Cedar Island Oyster Farm and take pride in the fact that they are part of the aquaculture movement, which in recent years has gained in popularity. Raising oysters brings them much gratification. The Wests see their oysters as a vibrant part of the local ecosystem, and as natural filter feeders, essential to preserving the system. The farm’s three leased sites are granted through the Coastal Resource Management Council (CRMC). The leases are located in Narragansett, Rhode Island's Point Judith Pond - a shallow, well flushed tidal salt pond. High salinity and rich growing waters ensure that the flavor of the oysters is second to none.