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Scup from F/V Evan Christine being served at Local 121 in Providence, RI.



Scup are deep-bodied (deeper from back to belly than they are wide) and dusky brown with bright silvery reflections below and spiny fins. Adult fins are mottled with dark brown, and young scup fins may be faintly barred. Scup’s front teeth are very narrow, almost conical, and they have two rows of molars in the upper jaw. Longspine porgy look similar to scup, but can be easily identified by the elongated spines on their backs.
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Captain Brian Loftus and his younger brother Brent Loftus are the 3rd generation of fishermen in their family. Captain Brian has been fishing out of Pt. Judith for over 30 years. He primarily fishes for fluke, scup, whiting and squid on 48- to 72-hour fishing trips.
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Local 121 is part of a landmark preservation project led by AS220. The arts organization bought the 24,000 square foot former Dreyfus Hotel in 2005 and renovated it into an affordable live-and-work space for artists, with an art gallery on the ground floor and a restaurant- Local 121. The Dreyfus hotel, built in the 1890’s on Washington and Mathewson streets, served as dormitory from 1975-2000, and had been vacant ever since. Enter the Millers. Joshua and Nancy Miller envisioned a restauran...