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Longfin Squid from F/V Evan Christine being served at Chez Pascal in Providence, RI.


Longfin Squid

Longfin Squid are found along the coast from Georges Bank to Cape Hatteras, rising to the surface at night to feed and spending their days along the sea floor. Squid grow rapidly and lead short lives of 9 months. Longfin squid may exceed a foot in length but usually are well under a foot long when caught. Squid are predatory and consume a variety of crustaceans and smaller fish. The longfin squid population is healthy, and harvest rates are sustainable.
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Captain Brian Loftus and his younger brother Brent Loftus are the 3rd generation of fishermen in their family. Captain Brian has been fishing out of Pt. Judith for over 30 years. He primarily fishes for fluke, scup, whiting and squid on 48- to 72-hour fishing trips.
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Kristin and Matt Gennusu met while working on opposite sides of the ‘house’ at the wonderful Hamersley’s Bistro in Boston. Soon thereafter we set our course for Rhode Island and opened the doors of Chez Pascal in March of 2003. The restaurant is constantly evolving with the ebb and flow of local, seasonal produce; taking cue from the fantastic farmers who inspire us and remaining true to classic, thoughtful food.