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Hard Clams from Joe Goodness being served at Birch Restaurant in Providence, RI.


Hard Clams

Clams are bivalve mollusks, so they have a hinged shell like mussels, oysters, and scallops. Natives of the North American Atlantic coast, hard clams have been introduced to the Gulf of Mexico. For farming purposes, they have also been introduced to Washington and California as well as Europe and Asia. Clams have slow growth rates and live 12-20 years on average, but can live up to 40 years. Female clams produce 1–5 million eggs per spawning event, with numerous events occurring per year.
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Joe Goodness has a 23-foot fiberglass boat he trailers to different areas to harvest his clams - using a bull rake to dig the clams. It is hard work with no protection from the elements. Joe works hard from early morning and returns in the evening with his landings.
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We've taken the name Birch from childhood nostalgia. Pennsylvania dutch-style beer was something we both loved growing up. In the same way the Birch tree starts from it's roots, we take a "from the roots up" approach to food, drink, and our guests. The intimacy of the restaurant provides a relaxed, comfortable, environment with warm professional service, paired with a cuisine that is creative and modern; expressing the best of New England's seasonal environment.