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Eastern Oysters (Farmed) from East Beach Farm being served at Farmstead in Providence, RI.


Eastern Oysters (Farmed)

Native to our entire east coast and Gulf of Mexico,the Eastern oyster has also been a big contributor to the majority of wild commercial harvests in the Chesapeake Bay and Louisiana. Oyster farming in the United States has been around since the 1800’s and makes up a large portion of U.S. marine aquaculture today. Eastern oyster aquaculture brings in millions of dollars every year. Culture of this species took off, more than a hundred years ago to enhance overharvested wild populations. Oysters naturally improve their local environment.
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Prior to becoming an oyster farmer, Jim Arnoux and Nick Papa began harvesting shellfish on the historic Great South Bay, the home of the original Blue Point oyster. Digging for clams had long been a tradition in his family, one passed down to him from his father and uncle. Bull rake in hand, Jim began to earn money clamming when he was 14 and continued to do so throughout his attendance at the University of Rhode Island, where he earned his degree in Coastal Policy and Management. It was shortl...
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We are advocates of honest, seasonal, handmade food. We are educators, enthusiasts and students of artisan foods and their heritage, history, traditions and future. We are informed and inquisitive, engaged and personal, knowledgeable and dynamic. All our efforts and undertakings will reflect our core values: a dedication to our customers and guests, our products and to the ideas and methods that connect all of us to the origins of the foods we eat. Over the past ten years, Chefs and Owners, M...