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Sablefish from F/V Kayla B being served at Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, CA.



Sablefish, also known as Black Cod, Butterfish, Skil, Skifish, Beshow or Coalfish, might be new to you, but U.S. and Canadian fishermen have been harvesting this tasty, buttery fish since the late 1800s. Sablefish are found in the northeastern Pacific Ocean from northern Mexico to the Gulf of Alaska, westward to the Aleutian Islands and into the Bering Sea. There are two populations of sablefish in the Pacific Ocean. They’ve been identified based on differences in growth rate, size when they are able to reproduce, and tagging studies.
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Captain Craig Brooker has been fishing out of Santa Barbara for nearly 35 years, beginning as a tender on an abalone boat in 1973. Today he fishes primarily for sablefish (black cod) in the California Sablefish Fishery from his 30-foot fishing vessel, the Kayla B. After motoring out nearly four hours against the wind to the waters between Point Conception and San Miguel Island (where winds are notoriously fickle and seas can be very rough), he sets his hooks on in the evening, pulls in the catch...
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The Lodge presents two distinctive San Diego dining options: A.R. Valentien and The Grill. A.R. Valentien is our top-rated signature restaurant featuring a magnificent setting, superior cuisine and elegant décor. The Grill offers a casual and convenient dining experience, along with The Bar, an ideal gathering place for friends and associates. The Lodge is also home to a variety of culinary events, including our weekly Artisan Table, the annual Celebrate the Craft, Craft Food & Beer Serie...