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Red Rock Crab from Guerrero Negro Rock Crab Fishermen being served at Herringbone - La Jolla in La Jolla, CA.


Red Rock Crab

Red rock crabs (Cancer productus), also referred to as Pacific Stone Crabs or Baja Rock Crabs, can be found in mid-intertidal waters from Kodiak Island, Alaska to Isla San Martine, Baja California. Adults have a brick-red color while juveniles may be white, sometimes with red spots or zebra striped. They live in and around the rocky coast, reaching an average size of about 5 inches across.  The meat has a sweet, delicate taste that some equate with the Florida stone crab. 
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Alejandro Guerrero first visited the Baja red rock crab fishing villages near Guerrero Negro (300 miles south of San Diego) in 2011. He met the local fishermen who trapped the rock crabs from their small day boats known as pangas -- and listened to their request to find someone to help them bring the crabs to market. He worked with them to set up the first processing plant, the size of a home garage, by the summer of 2012.
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CHEF BRIAN MALARKEY’S HERRINGBONE ISN’T JUST A RESTAURANT, IT’S AN EXPERIENCE. Welcome to Herringbone, where lounge style tunes fill the air and the kitchen serves up unique takes on meat and seafood. There's a reason Herringbone is quickly taking its place among Southern California's coastal towns.